Google’s Site Kit Official WordPress Plugin

Why use Google’s Site Kit for WordPress?

Official WordPress Plugin Google’s Site Kit makes it easy to set up and configure key Google products, giving you authoritative and up-to-date advice on how to succeed on the web.
What’s included: Easily set up Google tools on your site and see everything in a single Dashboard inside WordPress. No code editing required.


Tells you how users find, use, and engage with your site

Search Console

Measures your site’s Google Search traffic and performance

PageSpeed Insights

Analyzes your site and suggests ways to make it faster


Helps you to earn money from your online content

Google’s Site Kit for the Site owner.


If you have a WordPress website and would like to see how users find and use your website, Site Kit is right for you. To help you build, maintain, and grow your online presence, Site Kit gives you easy-to-understand metrics and actionable insights directly on your WordPress dashboard.


  • Easy-to-understand stats directly on your WordPress dashboard
  • Official insights from multiple Google tools
  • Quick setup for multiple Google tools without having to edit the source code of your site

See snapshots of your success 

Get notified when your hard work on your site pays off. We’ll let you know when you hit a milestone right in the dashboard.

Get stats for your entire site, plus per-page insights 

Site Kit provides the full picture. You can access a single dashboard to see how your entire site is doing, and you can see how a specific page is doing, directly in the WordPress admin bar.

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